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Ofar regnbogans gliti...
Over the Rainbow
Poems and Words of Wisdom
in Icelandic, Danish, Spanish and English

...in a little house...
My Icelandic Blog

Icelandic Artists
A broad spectrum of artists, both contemporary and late.
Visual arts, writing and music, in no special order or category, just picked at random as they came to my mind.

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My very own Global Voices Online:

The AmbivaBlog
"The swing state of the religious and political blogosphere."
- The Revealer
A blog to learn from

...and that's all that really matters, isn't it?
Humorous and sometimes poignant observations of life
from the desk of Doug Bagley, Florida, USA

bathtubs with an afterlife
Icelandic photographer with a very special hobby

bjorn´s blog
Very interesting blogs!
Have a look too at Bjorn´s beautiful Guatemala Blog

Blogging in Paris
A French teacher of English

Library and Information Science student
currently living in Oslo, Norway

The Duck Who Went To The Sea
A Madras (Cennai) student´s breathing-space
in the Indian blogosphere

eternal awareness
asking questions about the purpose of life
in Bedford, Virginia, USA

Fascinating History
All that is fascinating and unusual in history
From London, England, UK

ভাবনার আঁকিবুকি খাতা
Inspirations and Creative Thoughts
of spiritual life in Singapore and the universe - a beautiful blog

Irish Child
nurse, artist, wife and mother of 2 boys
in Portland, Oregon, USA

Mindless Musings of an Unmindful Mind
In the bylanes of life, I often wander about.
No signposts anywhere.
These are the directions I ask myself.

Stu in Asia
Stu's South East Asian Travel Blog

The Invisible Cat
"The fact you can't see it proves that it's there!"
A simple man learning in Zenkoji Temple, Nagano, Japan

waiter rant
Could this be waiter rant waiter-writ-ing?
Waiter-writer-humanist with a very popular blog

My Photo
A retired newspaper reporter and editor in Coconut Creek, Florida, United States, has returned full-time to his first love, poetry, and developed a unique new style of verse which he calls "Rhyme on Rhyme on Rhyme." He has written nearly 1,000 verses on a wide range of topics and average about five new pieces a week which he shares with fellow bloggers.

Reykjavík in January - Photo by David Baker

Now is the right time to come to Iceland
and chase the Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights